Guest Lecture

Even Semester

Emerging Trends in Bio Medical Instruments(05.02.18)

Chief Guest
Mr. S.Sundaramoorthy, CEO,
Sunshiv Electronics Solutions, Coimbatore
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Pathology & Microbiology

Chief Guest
Dr. A. Gnanamani,
Principal Scientist, CLRI
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Odd Semester

Sensors & Measurements

Chief Guest
Dr. V. Sapthagirivasan, Sr. Consultant,
Capgemini, Bangalore
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Biomedical Instrumentation

Chief Guest
Dr.Kumar, Managing Director,
Cardio Care Pvt Ltd, Chennai
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Academic Year 2016-17

S.No Date Topic Chief Guest
1. 10.03.17 Recent trends in Biosensors Dr.V.Sapthagirivasan
R & D Consultant Capgemini
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2. 03.02.17 Advancements in Cardiac Instruments Mr.S.Kumar
Managing Director,
TMI System
3. 25.02.17 Recent Trends in Biological Materials and Tissue Engineering Applications Dr.A.Gnanamani,
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4. 25.02.17 Modern Techniques in Biomedical Instrumentation Mr.S.Kiruba
Design Engineer,
GE Health care
5. 23.08.16 SEM/TEM Analysis Dr.Srinivasan

Academic Year 2015-16

S.No Date Topic Guest Name & Designation
1. 10.08.2015 Diagnostic Devices and its Applications Dr.P.Kumaresan,
Sanjeevi Hospital
2. 12.09.2015 Digital Image Processing using LABVIEW Dr.V.Sathiesh Kumar,
3. 13.10.2015 Fuzzy Algorithms Dr.J.B.Jeeva
4. 23.10.2015 Computing in Ultrasound Mr.S.Kumar
TMI Sstems
5. 31.11.2015 Assist Devices and its Applications Dr.P.Kumar
6. 28.01.2016 Multimodel Biometric System Dr.P.Nirmal Kumar
Anna University
7. 10.02.2016 Tissue Culture Dr.G.Dalmin
8. 08.03.2016 Advanncements in MRI Dr.S.Poonguzhali

Academic Year 2014-15

S.No Date Topic Guest Name
1. 27.01.2015 Recent innovations in Anaesthetics Dr.K.Jayanthi,
2. 10.01.2015 Recent Advancements in Human Assist Devices Dr.P.Kumaresan,
Sanjeevi Hospital
3. 26.09.2014 Time & Frequency Response Analysis Dr.P.Nirmal Kumar,
Anna University
4. 23.09.2014 Application Of Bioinformatics Dr.M.Michael Gromiha,
5. 16.09.2014 Back Propagation Network Dr.P.Lakshmi,
Anna University
6. 05.09.2014 Anatomy and Human Physiology Dr.Viji Devanand,
Stanle Medical College

Academic Year 2013-14

S.No Date Topic Chief Guest
1 22.02.2014 Calorimeter, Flame photometer, Spectrophotometer Dr.Mary Elizabeth
Sri Ramachandra Medical University
2 08.02.2014 Intellectual property rights Dr. K Srinivasan,
3 10.08.2013 Anatomy and human physiology Dr. K. Balasubramanian,
Stanly medical college.
4 31.07.2013 Cryptography Dr.S.Sree vivek,
Alpheloud Nc.
5 31.07.2013 Hormones Dr. G.Dalmin
Govt college, Nandanam