Awards and Merits

Awards and Merits

blue-bulletOur Honourable Chairman and Vice Chairman are been awarded the ‘Vidya Ratna'(International Outstanding Achievement Award) award by Akkineni International Foundation of America(AFA), on 14.12.2016

blue-bulletVel Tech Multi Tech has secured three CSI awards such as ‘Best Accredited Student Branch Award’ ,’• Highest Committed Accredited Student Branch Activist Award’& ‘Longest Continuous SBC’ on 25.01.2017.

blue-bulletIETE ISF Award to the Department of ECE .

blue-bulletThe department of Information Technology is Permanently affiliated by Anna University

blue-bulletOur students won the first prize in the Micro Air Vehicle competition at Bangalore.

blue-bulletOur Students participated & were awarded in MOTOROLA Scholarship for projects

blue-bulletIBM appreciation as one among the top best 30 Engg. Institutions.

blue-bulletCSIR – appreciation letter for student projects in E-Governance

blue-bulletResearch center approved by Anna University, Chennai for Physics & Chemistry,EEE depts.

blue-bulletTCS Recruitment appreciation award.

blue-bulletTCS award for excellence in sports.

blue-bulletIBM award ( Two Times ) Certificate of excellence of Top Performing Colleges.

blue-bulletActive ISF award – IETE Chennai

blue-bulletIGATE award.

blue-bulletPrometric Award – Computer Testing Network.

blue-bulletMBA By Choice-Certificate of Excellence.

blue-bulletACMEE 2008 – Industrial Exhibition.

blue-bulletCognizant – Transition’08.

blue-bulletMAV Participation.

blue-bulletHyndai All India Trade Test for Government Trade apprentice.